Saturday, February 28, 2009

G-9000MX - Mudman February 2009

Besides the Military series, here comes the new dirt-resistant MUDMAN Motorcross G-9000MX. These models come in a choice of three different colours that are often used on motorcross machines.

Dual independent stopwatches include 1/100-second stopwatch capable of measuring continuous elapsed time for up to 1,000 hours for separate timing of two different events simultaneously.

I'm keen on the G-9000MX-8DR. Black contrast with orange, perfect match and it should be ideal for daily use with any outfit.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fallout3 - Super Mutant Massacre!!

Started playing Fallout 3 like mad. Just completed saving "Big Town" mission with a big massacre of super mutant. Really cool, ,just throwing grenade and blasting their heads off. Lots of ammo and weapons found in the police HQ. Not bad at all. Next quest will be trying out the weapons I found. Fallout 3 rules!!!

G-Shock Lover's Collections

G-Shock launched Lover's Collections in 1997. There are 12 series in total til to date. I have a glance of all the series and keen on collection 2008 and 2003.

There are 2 sets in 2008 but I like the first set.

LOV-08A-7B consists of the G-SHOCK AW-590LC-7B(left) and Baby-G BGA-100LV-7B(right)

The display for this G-shock is custome made whcih based on the Baby-G series. This made the AW-590LC-7B unique. So envy that my brother bought this set to celebrate 2009 Valentines.

Another set is the second set released in 2003. Using DW-6900 models.

This set consists of the G-SHOCK DW-6900LV-7(left) and Baby-G GZX-690LV-7(right)

Well, seldom see a 6900 in a smaller size. This made the female Baby-G a unique piece.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Wow, the military series finally launched in Japan. I found some official images from Japan website. I have shorlisted those below, damn...I need more $$$$Money$$$$!!
All with reverse black display. Additional military font with module numer print on straps. Cool. Just nice to mtach with a pair of camo cargo pant. Superb!!




Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Resident Evil 5

Wow, just got my hands on the PS3 controller playing Resident Evil 5 Demo. Brilliant!!! Speechless..if you have extra controller, team work will be awesome!! There is female character which I think you can use in multiplayer mode.

With no time to get use to the control system, before changing weapon I turn into dead meat. Those zombies are damn fast pace with dreadful attack while you are reloading or picking up items on the floor. Gosh!!! I just can't wait for the release date. Definitely worth of money.

To know more. Please visit for further details.

G-SHOCK 1100B-1ADR Launching in February 2009!!



There are two brand new Gravity Series of High-end G-Shock that designed with an aircraft motif will be launched in the market soon.

Of course the 1100BD is with stainless steel strap which will cost more money. This should be in my wish list then.

Both model is with the specifications below:

Module No. 5034
Shock resistant (G-Shock)
World Time - 29 time zones
1/20-second stopwatch
Daily alarm
Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
Regular timekeeping
Analog: Hour, minute (hand moves every 10 seconds), second, 24 hour, day, date
Accuracy:+-20 seconds per month
Approx. battery life: 2 years on SR927W
Size of case / total weight
G-110B - 47.0 x 46.9 x 16.1mm / 68g
G-110BD - 47.0 x 46.9 x 16.1mm / 139g

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

G-SHOCK x SUBCREW Online Version

Hong Kong based SUBCREW store has released four G-Shock watches which based on 2008 Youth Culture 6900 series. Logo and wording added on strap and with a new design packaging. Nothing much, furthermore the Subcrewreact online version is just another limited edition from 2008 5600 series. Of course with the logo and wording on the strap as well.

Basically these are OEM items which I dont think worth that much especially the 5600 which cost you HKD 1200. Would you paying double for a piece that with extra logo print on it?? I doubted how many will buy these except you are Subcrew fans.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ultraman x G-SHOCK

Ultraman is my idol since I was born...a bit exagerated. Am I?? It conjuction of celebrating 40th Anniversary of Ultraman. Here comes a Ultraman x G-SHOCK. This piece is definitely in my Wish List.

Packinging is absolutely fabulous, the design fits to DW6900 model. Drop dead gorgeous.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally, I spotted the item in my wish list this morning. Further more, it was on sale with price tag of RM199.00. Certainly can not resist the offer and grap it with the "Noissy Sound" surrounding both of my beloved kept on complaining that I'm buying too many stuff. Yes, I just spent without a thought :p

There were two options. DW5600E or DW5600EG. The different is as below:

Display - Blue-White base
Stainless steel buttons and buckle.
Wording "PROTECTION" and "G-SHOCK" in white colour.
Frame border in white colour.

Display - Gold base
Gold Colour Stainless steel buttons and buckle.

Wording "PROTECTION" and "G-SHOCK" in Gold colour.
Frame border in Gold colour.

Specification is the same, only colour variation. You can check the spec here.

Well, I think Gold is cool as the white base is just too common. Therefore I choose the DW5600EG. However the Gold platted parts might fade out for long time of usage. Hope it can last for 10 years then.

So happy that another addition is in my G-Shock collection list. CASIO BRAVO!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Trendy Expressions in Hong Kong Cantonese

Read about this Picture Cards from a Hong Kong magazine. Without a single thought I wrote an email to a friend who will be going to Hong Kong for business trip...of course asking him to get this for me. At the price of HK75 with some discount, damn worth to had this wicked stuff as my collection. I did learn a lot from the author "SoRealReal". thanks again for making this stuff.

What in the box? A "Hong Kong Chiu Yu School" Handbook and set of picture cards with description. Those pictures are damn cool as it was drawn in very old school style.

For further information. Please visit

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laser Gun from Daiso Store

Daiso Store Japan was open and the first item catch my eyes is this laser toy gun. Definitely a good memory of childhood collections. Who else didn't play one of this kind. Further more, this is so classic and the price tag is reasonable. I put 5 of these in my basket and check out cashier without my beloved girlfriend noticed. End up some of them ware given to friend as gift. I got 2 remain as my own stock.

Imagine you put one in your office, you play it when you are damn depress or stress...i'm sure you can release fustration once you kept on pressing the trigger with "Da..da..da" sound and light flashing in the red transparent plastic part. dont forget to point it towards your boss or superior. just kidding.

Fallout 3 - First Impression

No doubt, Fallout is a popular series PC game that has released home video game for different consoles recently. My first experience will be on PS3 version. Some said it is a similar genre to [The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivon]. Yuo have choice of 1st and 3rd person view and the freedom of this game is endless. You have karma level to manage throughout the game, this mean you can be either Devil or Angel. A choice of life....this is what I just choose a life.

The first mission after escape from the Vault is head to Megaton, a place where you can get medicines, food and etc. A must go place before you start you journey. I don't use to those heavy dialogues where you need to interact with all the persons in Megaton. I almost give up at this stage as it is boring and the reason I choose this game is the cover attracts me. I thought this is an action game that I can be the guy with heavy armor and shot the hell of all the villians. Now i know it is a long journey to be the guy in the cover. Far far away...need to explore every day. Countless hours neede to accomplish and fully enjoy this game.

After I completed a quest that gain me a free house that I can use for recover my HP and etc. I decided to go further to play this game and started enjoy the story. the battle system is kind of cool. it is called VAT mode. You can choose body parts to to attack with your melee weapons. Something that I haven't try before in other games.

There are a lot more to discover in this game, you can make own weapons with all materials or junk parts that you find from the wasteland. Caps is like money, ammunations, medicines, food, weapons, armor and lots more are essentials items for you to survive in this game.

I can't wait to explore more in the future. this game reminds me of watching Mad Max with Mel Gibsons starring as a doomsday savior. So now I will be someone like him in this bet.

I highly recommended this game for those who never try out something like this. You will go into an experience that is full of surprises and satisfaction of shooting villians.

Ninja Gaiden - SIGMA

Gaming is a must for all kidult, right? Nindento 8 bit is my first game console, can't recall how many games that I own. One thing for sure my glasses was due to long hour gaming in front of the TV box. Countless hours I spent on this console..haha. Super Mario Bros, Super Samurai, Castle Vania, DigDuck, Pacman and others. I skipped MegaDrive and started my gaming life again with PlaySatation. Later with PS2 and now on PS3 the HD ready super console.

PS3 officially launched in our country in September 2008. After two months of consideration, I got it in December as my own X'mas present. I decided to get the Sony Malaysia version which is a 80G model with choice of two original game titles. Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Fallout 3 were picked from the list of games. No regret at all, both are good game which I can spend hours and hours gaming.

First PS3 game I completed was Ninja Gaiden-Sigma, action rpg always a good choice for leisure without too many puzzles solving process. I would rate this game 9 out of 10. The CG is not a HD ready as it looks like a shift over from Xbox 360 and I noticed the cut scene appears to have pixelation. Well, it is still acceptable since it was not originally made for PS3 but Xbox. I don't dare to try out the Hard Mode which you can unlock it after completing the game. Besides, Mission mode is unlock too, it is fun to play but definitely need skillful technique to complete all of the 24 missions. I would quit this part as I aint no true ninja with highly skillful technique :p One more thing, you can have the chance to use the female character in ceertain chapters which I think is not bad. Just to change a bit of technique and please dont just staring the boobs when you are concentrating on slashing devils. Haha.

For more info about the game, you can visit Ninja Gaiden Official Web.

adidas watches

Oh my, adidas trefoil wathces. Yes, this Flyboy is from the 1st series. It is irresistable as I got it without a thought when seeing it shining from the rack. Big bold style and stianless still buckle strap. Easy mix and match for everyday outfit.

Conceptual from G-shock DW-5600, another adidas transparent yellowish piece with stopwatch function. Very funcky colour which I only use for special occasion. Hip da Hop watch...yes.

Sneakers Fever....adidas

Just to show off a bit of my adidas sneakers. Love them so much.

SuperStar II Brown, soft leather with yellowish sole. Comfortable and stlying. I just love brown and khakis. This pair consider very old, I recall it was bought in 2005. Im still wearing it for work in certain occasion.

adicolor celebration in 2007, this special edition is the most wanted in the series as it is "White". Excahngeble stripes made this one the best. This is my everyday sneakers for work.

Contenial Lo, bought in as stock for a while. Took it out and use it in 2008. Definitely a Hip Hop styling choice.

Galaxy, got it on sale. Sole is broken and junk it lately. No place for this in my collection :p

NBA first series since adidas bought over Reebok. In my opinion, this pair is the most stunning one among the rest in this series. Classic colour Campus. This is also my working sneakers of all time.

Half shell-Hi, another brown one with checkers material. The right match for skinny jeans and shorts. Seldom use it because love it too much...haha.

Rekord - got it on sale too. Very low price...leather went off inside out. Junk it last year. It was a good companion.

Didn't spot a fancy one which keen to buy lately. Too many choices nowadays...adidas forever!!! trefoil rule!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

adidas addiction!!

adidas not equal to ahdeedas. Ha, of course adidas a super sport brand ever made. Thanks to adi Dassler the founder of adidas sport shoes.

ahdeedas is just my nick which I think it reflect my interest in this brand that I love most. Trefoils classic is the most loveable shoes, too keen on retro and I recall my fisrt pair of classic is a blue Gazelle that i got from Singapore. Price tag is not cheap. I junk it in UK as it was fully tortured by my foots during my studies in Bristol.

I got my 1st ever adidas track top in UK. It was about RM200 and I kept it in my wardrobe til now. Love it. it will be my memory forever...nail in my head.


DW-5600E is definitely the superduper original classic of all time. It was launched 25 year back. If you have watch the movie "SPEED" and you might noticed Keanu has a piece on his wrist during the bus chasing scene. See, celebrities cant love to have G-Shock on joke but true that G-Shock become an iconic time piece in all American nation and the rest of the world too. Used to heard that more than 50% working class are using a G-shock during working hour and leisure. I haven't got any of DW-5600 yet. I would try to hunt one down this week end. If i'm not mistaken DW-5600 IV should be available in the market. A good memory of G-SHOCK!!

5-Motor G-Shock

Apparently, my wish list is reveal now as these two model called G-1000H-1A & G-1010D which I think is cool. Stainless steel and urethane fushion stlying are the characteristic of these pieces. Interlacing of these two materials deliver a modern classic style. However the price tag is no surprise in a higher range which may cost you RM699 to RM799 per piece. Well, I am kind of desperate to get my hands on them when my wallet say YES and grand me a GReen light to go ahead. Oh please, work harder and save up more for these good stuff!!