Sunday, December 12, 2010

ARTWIZZ SeeJacket® Alu

SeeJacket® Alu provides the best protection for the front- and backside of your iPhone!

Thanks to the stylish aluminum shell, the back of your iPhone is well protected against signs of wear and scratches. A replaceable silicone insert offers extra protection against impact. The silicone frames the front of the iPhone, offering further protection.  Scratches, dents or other signs of use do not have a chance and your iPhone is completely protected.

The protective insert can not only be applied and removed quickly, but with two color choices, black and white, you can quickly and simply change your look.
Connections remain easily accessible at all times.
The SeeJacket ® Aluminum is available in gold, anthracite, burgundy and silver.

• Stylish exterior shell of aluminum for the rear with replaceable silicone provides complete protection
• Silicone surrounds the frame on the front of the iPhone 4, so that the display does not cover buttons or sensors

• 1x SeeJacket ® Alu
• 1x silicone padding, white
• 1x silicone padding, black

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