Saturday, June 19, 2010

ANA x Gundam Jet

Another Gunpla 30th Anniversary celebration project.
Sotsu and Sunrise had cooperated with ANA to create the special “ANA x Gundam Jet” - with Gundam image painted onto a regular Boeing 777-300!!!

FIRST FLIGHT : 2010/7/16
NH025 / Tokyo>Osaka
Passengers on this first flight can get an ANA x Gundam Jet original boarding license!!

FLIGHT PERIOD : 2010/7/16 - 2011/3(pending) 
ANA x Gundam Jet will fly within this period in specific scheduled flights!

HG 1/144 GUNDAM G30th ANA Original Color Ver.
Domestic flight only
Price: 3,000yen
Period: 2010/7/1 - 2010/8/31

1/48 MEGA SIZE GUNDAM ANA Original Color Ver.
Domestic & international flight
Price: 8,500yen
Period: 2010/7/1 - 2011/2/28

Number of sales will be limited.
To buy this limited model kit, please check the detail information at ANA service counter.

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