Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GW-3000 Gravity Defier - Asia release -- G-shock




From G-Shock! Introducing a new collection of aviation concept watches designed to defy high G forces. A 1/100-second stopwatch keeps accurate time even under the stresses of high G's that occur during air racing. the dual-layer face creates a dramatic three-dimensional effect for the three dials. the large face is carefully laid out to provide the look and readability of an aircraft instrument panel. large metal side buttons are designed and engineered for ease of operation. At the same time, buttons are enclosed by protectors that protect against damage and accidental operation. bands are fastened on both ends with stainless steel screws for plenty of durability. all this plus a Tough Solar power system and MULTIBAND 6 radio-controlled timekeeping capable of picking up the time calibration signals of six different transmitters around the world.

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