Monday, November 23, 2009

Two new FROGMAN for Asia :: GWF-1000-1DR & GWF-1000B-1DR

From the special purpose function Master of G Series comes a FROGMAN model that combines outstanding water resistance with solar power capabilities.

A new type of receiver antena and metal case make it possible to pack a receiver that can pick up six time calibration signals around the globe into a configuration that is ISO-level water resistant up to 200 metres.

Features include 10-record log data memory, a high-speed Tide Graph, high-accuracy Moon Data, and other features that come in handy while diving.

The two front screws are made of milled stainless steel, while the ring around the sub-display window is made of polished milled aluminum.

The screw on case back is done to a highly wear resistant diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish.
The latest technolgy, quality materials, and refinde designs put these new FROGMAN models in a class all their own.

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